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Save Time with the CougarVIEW Grade Book!

Target Audience: CougarVIEW beginners; face-to-face or hybrid instructors who would like to add CougarVIEW functionality to their course.

Description: Whether you grade on straight points, weight by percentage or use your own formula, learn how to put the CougarVIEW grade book to work to save you time and release grade information more quickly to your students. The Grades tool allows you to enter assignment grades, track a student's progress, calculate final grades, as well as set up a grade scheme. You can link grade items to activities in CougarVIEW such as assignments, assessments, and discussions. Or you can simply create a grade item for your face-to-face activities. Students can access the grade book to see all their grades in one place.

This hands-on workshop aims to demystify the CougarVIEW grade book and to provide practical guidance and useful tips for mastering it.

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Use the grade book wizard to set-up your grade book
  • Use the grade book display functions
  • View, edit, and grade items
  • Link dropbox, discussions, and quiz items to the grade book
  • Calculate, provide feedback and display grades to students
  • Import and export your grades

Begin designing your online course component by setting up your grade book. Bring your course syllabus so that you can begin building your grade book during the workshop.