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Rock This! Course Design and Planning

Target Audience: instructors doing new course design or looking to refresh their current cources

Description: Do you dream of building a course that screams, Born to be Wild, but usually end up with one that is Runnin' with the Devil? This session will give you a Peaceful, Easy Feeling, as we demonstrate strategies to help you plan/structure your course and syllabus to effectively reach desired instructional goals regardless of your course size, subject matter or level. In today's classrooms, You Gotta Fight for Your Right to Party, so in this interactive session participants will look at: understanding who your students are, deciding what you want them to learn, determining how you will measure student learning outcomes, and planning activities, assignments and materials that support student learning and align with course objectives. So bring your zippo lighters, and get ready to Rock and Roll all Night and Party Every Day!!!

Learning objectives for the session:

  • Use Bloom's taxonomy to develop module/unit learning outcomes that align with established course objectives.
  • Discuss varied assessments and their alignment with objectives at the different on Bloom's taxonomy.
  • Select instructional materials and activities that support the learning objectives.
  • Complete a module planning worksheet to design one module/unit of a course.