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COOL Services

The Center of Online Learning provides leadership, training, and support in the design, development, delivery and assessment of instruction via online learning.

Support for eLearning Tools and Applications

Delivery support is provided with respect to the following eLearning Tools and Applications:

Additional support may be provided as new eLearning tools and applications become available.  

Instructional Design

  • Assist with the alignment of learning objectives, assessments, and instructional materials.
  • Identify and incorporate effective e-learning strategies and technologies to encourage student engagement and active learning.
  • Identify varied assessment techniques that align with the course and module learning objectives.
  • Coordination of CSU's Quality Matter's (QM) implementation and QM Subscriber-Managed course reviews.
  • Support for the application of QM to ensure the standards of quality course design is met.

Course Development


Proctor Coordination

  • Liaison between proctors, instructors and students and approve off-site proctors.
  • Process proctor requests and documents.
  • Maintain proctor records, including list of approved proctor sites, exam and student information, and any other associated records.

Course Accessibility

  • Caption instructional media used for hybrid and online courses.
  • Accessible course template available upon request.