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Accessing ProctorU from CougarView

ProctorU has now been integrated into the CougarView learning environment. You can now have access to your ProctorU account and schedule appointments right within CougarView.

For Faculty

To have access to ProctorU from within CougarView, navigate to the Course Admin page and choose content. From the course content page, you can choose an existing module or create a new module where you can add ProctorU from the list of external learning tools. To get to external learning tools, you need to click the existing activities dropdown from the module.

1. Select the course that you wish to add the ProctorU to.

2. Click Content

Click Content


3. Click on the module that you wish to add the ProctorU to.

Click on the module you wish to add ProctorU to


4. Click on the tab that says "Existing Activities"

Click on Existing Activities tab


5. Select the tab that says "External Learning Tools"

Click on External Learning Tools


6. Now select the tool that you wish to use (ex. ProctorU).

Click on ProctorU from the list of tools


7. ProctorU should be successfully added to your module

ProctorU successfully added to module


8. Click on the ProctorU learning tool you just added from the module and it will take you to ProctorU within CougarView.
Note that you will be required to create a new ProctorU account if you don't have one or simply login if you have an existing account.

ProctorU within CougarView


For Students

Your instructor must have added ProctorU has an activity in a course module.

1. Navigate to the course and the module and click on the ProctorU link

Click on the ProctorU link


2. This will open the ProctorU window within CougarView where you can perform all your ProctorU activities without leaving the CougarView environment.

ProctorU within CougarView