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Proctoring Information - Faculty

COOL is accepting proctored exam requests at any time during the semester. Using the Proctored Exam Request Form (located within Banner SIS), faculty may request up to three computer-based proctored exams, including final exams, for each online course per semester. Please complete the proctor form at least three weeks before the exam. Proctors (including the CSU Testing Center) usually work on a first come, first serve basis and therefore it is essential to submit the form as soon as possible.

Proctor Fees

We ask that faculty consider placing a statement in their syllabus regarding the possibility of proctor fees for students who need to use a proctor. The CSU Online Proctoring Network includes proctors who do not charge as well as proctors who do charge for their proctoring service. Students are responsible for payment of any proctoring fees if they choose to use a proctor who charges a fee for this service. Students are also responsible for any parking fees that may be associated with the use of a particular proctor.

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Questions about proctoring can be directed to the Center of Online Learning at (706)-507-8699.

Instructor Guidelines for Online Proctoring

  • Instructors must provide necessary proctoring information to students, including exam dates.
  • Instructors should submit password and instruction documents for each online exam no later than 15 working days ahead of the exam in order to ensure that COOL, as well as the students, have enough time to take all necessary steps.
  • No paper exams will be accepted
  • The instructor form contains fields for allowed resources and comments. It is essential for the instructor to include all necessary information regarding an exam so that COOL can inform the proctors.
  • It is the responsibility of the faculty member to provide modified instructions for students with disability accommodations. These accommodations must be met when students are taking an exam.

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Steps to request proctoring services

Submit the Online Proctoring Instructor Form:

  1. Log into Banner SIS
  2. Click Faculty + Advisors
  3. Select the Online Proctor Form
  4. Fill out and submit

By submitting the form your request will automatically be sent to the Center of Online Learning. This form needs to be submitted to ProctorU at least five business days before students will be logging onto our site to schedule appointments. Ideally, this would be done at least three weeks ahead of the actual exam date.

Create your exam in CougarVIEW

COOL has a template page available for providing proctored exam information that can be copied to your course. To request this template please email

Once you have submitted the proctor form, you will have to create your quiz/exam in CougarVIEW. With your permission, COOL will access the course content and create news items which include all of the proctoring information for students. The students can contact COOL directly with any questions regarding the proctoring process. Any questions regarding course content etc. will be redirected to the instructor. COOL is working closely with the proctors in order to assure a smooth process during the exam. During the exams, the proctors might reach out to the instructor if there are questions regarding the content. Any technical issues are being reported directly to COOL.

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Note: you can access your ProctorU account within CougarView. Accessing ProctorU from CougarView form more information on this.