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Center of
Online Learning

Proctoring Information

At CSU, the coordination of proctoring for students is centralized in the Center of Online Learning (COOL).

What is a proctored exam? - A proctored exam is an exam that is administered by an approved person who monitors the student while they are taking their exam. The use of proctoring services is to ensure the integrity and security of the exam in a secure environment.

What is a proctor? - A person who monitors students during an exam.

For questions concerning proctored exams, please contact the Center of Online Learning (COOL) at 706-507-8699 or via e-mail at

Our services include:

  • Approving of off-site proctors, including ProctorU and the CSU Testing Center.
  • Serving as liaison to CSU Testing Center, ProctorU, and other off-site proctor sites.
  • Coordinating with instructors to communicate exam information to approved proctors.
  • Receiving and approving applications from students for proctoring.
  • Maintaining academic and administrative proctoring records, including a list of approved proctor sites, exam information, student information, and any other associated records.
  • Processing any associated proctor application late fees.
  • Coordinating with proctor sites to distribute exam information and resolve any issues.
  • Providing appropriate training and communication to the university community regarding online exams, proctoring processes for online exams, security issues, and scheduling.
  • Ensuring updated processes and procedures outlined on our website.

For information on how to set up a proctored exam please visit: