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Pearson MyLab Guide

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  1. In your course, go to 'Edit Course' then 'Homepages'. Change your course homepage to 'Course Homepage-­‐Blue and Gray Branding – Pearson' and click Apply.

    Change course Homepage

  2. Go back to your Course Home and click on the Pearson's MyLab and Mastering Widget.

    Click on Pearson widget

  3. Click 'Select a MyLab and Mastering product to use with this course'.

    Select a MyLab and Mastering product

  4. Accept the Privacy Policy.

    Accept privacy policy

  5. Link your Pearson instructor account with Desire2Learn.

    Link pearson instructor account with D2L

  6. Receive the congratulations page.

    Congratulations page

  7. Type in your book and click Go.

    Type in book

  8. When you find your book, click 'Select Course Materials'.

    Click 'Select Course Materials'.

  9. Give your MyLab & Mastering Course a Title, End date and click Continue.

    Give Title, End date and Continue

  10. Check your email and close the next window.

    Close this window

  11. To add the Course Materials to your Desire2Learn course, go to your course and click 'Edit Course' then 'Course Builder'.

    Click 'Edit course' then 'Course Builder'.

  12. Click Start (if this screen appears).

    Click Start

  13. Drag and Drop the Pearson icon onto a Module.

    Drag and Drop pearson icon into module

  14. Select which links you want to make available to your students by clicking the check boxes.

    Select checkboxes.

  15. In your Course Content you can see the links you just created.

    See links created

  16. You can click on them to access the MyLab materials.

    Click to access materials.

Instructions for students

  1. From your Desire2Learn course homepage, click the Pearson MyLab & Mastering link.

    Click Pearson widget.

  2. Select one of the links to see your grades and assignments or additional content.

    Select link

  3. Accept the End-­‐User License Agreement.

    Accept agreement

  4. Create or sign in to your Pearson Account. You CANNOT connect your Desire2Learn username/password to more than one Pearson username/password. You MUST retrieve your old Pearson login credentials if you already have an account.)

    Create or sign in to Pearson account.

  5. On the next page, you are given two options. You can click the Access Code button if you purchased a package with an access code from the bookstore, OR you can purchase instant access now by clicking on the purchase options under the Use a Credit Card or PayPal section. You can also register with temporary access if you do not have payment in hand.

    Select an option.

  6. You have now registered! You can close the "congratulations" tab and return to your Desire2Learn course. This process only needs to be completed once. From now on when you click on any of the MyLab & Mastering links in your Desire2Learn course, your MyLab will immediately open.


  • For more assistance, please reach out to us through email or call us at (706) 507-8699
  • Look at instructor resource web page section for more instructions guides and training videos