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Insert Films on Demand Videos

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This guide will show you how to insert Films on Demand videos into your course content.

  1. In your class, go to a module and select the webpage to insert the Films on Demand videos.

    Select webpage to insert Films On Demand

  2. Select the  Insert Stuff button Insert Stuff button and it will open the Insert Stuff window.

    Click Insert Stuff Button

  3. Select Films on Demand from the list.

    Select Films On Demand From list.

  4. Search for a video by typing in some keywords and clicking on the Search button.

    Search for a video.

  5. You can preview the video first and when you are ready to insert it, click on the Embed button next to the video.

    Click on Embed button.

  6. Finally, select Insert.

    Select Insert.

  7. The video will appear in the webpage.

    Video appears in webpage.

  •  For more assistance, please reach out to us through email or call us at (706) 507-8699
  • Look at Instructor Resources web page section for more instructions guides and training videos