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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started FAQ's:

How do I copy content from one of my colleague's courses?

We are happy to copy content from another instructor's course for you. Please have your colleague e-mail us at giving us permission to copy their content to your course. Please also provide the CRN of both courses.

How do I copy content from one of my previous courses or from a sandbox?

Instructions for how to copy content into your current course from a previous course can be found on our web site

How can I make my syllabus and other content available to my students prior to the official start date?

You can manually change your start date in CougarVIEW which will allow students early access to course materials prior to the semester start date. Instructions can be found on our web site at

Unfortunately, updates to CougarVIEW do not process students enrollments in real-time. There is often a 24 to 48 hour delay in processing. You do have the ability to update your CougarVIEW manually if needed. Instructions on how to update your CougarVIEW classlist please visit

Are there any requirements for teaching online?

CSU requires that instructors complete Quality Matters training before teaching an online course. For more information about the training and how to sign up, please visit 

How do I access my course if I'm teaching in a collaborative program?

For collaborative programs where courses are taught by multiple University System of Georgia institutions, you will access your course through GoVIEW. For log in instructions, please visit:

This is my first time using Proctoring Services, how do I get started?

In order to set up a proctored exam, you will first have to submit an instructor proctor form. The proctor form is located in ISIS under Faculty & Advisors. Once you have submitted the form COOL will set up the exam with ProctorU and send out proctoring information to all students on your class roster. For a more information regarding proctoring services visit

How do I get the course template loaded into my course?

E-mail with your course information including subject code and number (e.g., COMM 1110) and CRN. 

CougarVIEW Integration FAQ's:

What is a CougarVIEW integration?

Many educational technology tools can be integrated with CougarVIEW to allow for seamless transition and use of the tools together. For example, may publishers such as McGraw-Hill and Macmillan have integrations with our Learning Management System (D2L Brightspace).

What educational technology tools are currently integrated with CougarVIEW?

How do I request an educational technology tool be integrated with CougarVIEW?

To request an integration with CougarVIEW, please Email Jennifer knott at