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Note: This page is being updated with new changes frequently.

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The following changes will be coming to the sections below in CougarVIEW:

Changes to Daylight Spring 2019

Supported Internet Browsers 

Internet Explorer is NOT compatible with CougarVIEW. The Brightspace learning management system (LMS) no longer supports it. Please use the following browsers:

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari (must be the latest version!)

Read more from Brightspace here about supported browsers.


Links and existing activities can now be submitted to submission folder and all attachment display below their submission folder page for easy access (10.7.5)

Adding links and existing activities to submission folder


Instructors can now hide flags in a classlist (10.7.2)

Hiding flags in classlist


Users can now download and print all document (except PDF which only display download button (10.8.5)

Users can download and print all document except PDF


Changes in discussions includes the ability of instructors to post to all groups at once and  navigate through learners discussion when grading without closing topic score dialog box,

Step 1: Access the gradebook and select the discussion icon in the student's row

 Daylight Discussion Grade from Gradebook

Step 2: The Topic Score dialog box opens on top of the browser window.

Topic Score Dialog Box

Improvements in the User Progress 

Access Class Progress page:

  1. Course Admin
  2. Class Progress (under Learner Management)

Daylight Learner Management

- Details pages of Assignments, Quizzes, Discussions, Surveys, and Checklists now display if an activity is exempt by showing the (exempted) label beside the name of the activity

Daylight Progress Exempt

- The Summary pages for Assignments, Surveys, Quizzes, and Checklists hide exempted activities

Daylight Progress Exempt Hide

- A set of statistics appear at the top of each respective tool's Summary page section, and the same statistics appear at the top of each tool's Details page.


Introduction to Daylight Summary Summer 2018


Faculty Daylight Training Refresher Video:

Student Daylight Video and Embed Instructions:

  • Embed Instructions

PDF Embed Instructions and Video

List of Icons used in Daylight:

Icon Name Description
Plus symbol on a page  Add File Allows the user to upload a file from a local computer
Plus symbol on a message box  Add Message Send Email to other users
Plus symbol and a human  Add User Click to add an user
Bell  Alarm bell Gives the Update alerts
papersheet with a tray below  Assignments List of assignments assigned
Paper with a hook  Attach Attach a file
A Person raising his hands  Attendance Contains Info of no of classes attended
Calculator  Calculate Calculator
Calender  Course Schedule Gives the list of events scheduled
Check List  Checklist Assign/to view a list of to-do tasks for a course
 Three ticks and a person  Class list List of registered Instructors/Students in a class
 Blank comment bar  Comment – Hollow To give comment on a post
 Two pages, One above the other page  Copy To copy the content from one file to other
 Trash can  Delete Delete the file/post
 Two Message boxes  Discussions

Can present your view about a topic and discuss on

others posts

 Cloud and a down arrow  Download Download a file (PDF, Doc, Txt, etc;)
 Paper and pen  Draft Write and save it for future usage
 Person and a text box  Feedback To give a review on one's post.
 Headset  File Audio An Audio file
 File  File Document Any .docx file
 Video Camera  File Video Any Mp4, 3gp, etc; video files
 Black Flag  Flag Filled Click to flag
 White Flag  Flag Hollow Click to remove flag
 Four arrows facing four directions  Full screen To view it on a full screen
 Gear logo  Gear Settings
 Badge minus  Grade remove Remove the grade
 Badge Eye  Grade visible Grades will be visible for others
 Badge  Grade Grading option
 Three persons  Group Allocated team members
 House  My Home Go to My Home
 Down arrow into an empty container  Import Import a file
 Three Bold Horizantal Lines  List View To view the content as a list
 Lock  Lock - locked The file is locked
 Lock opened  Lock - unlock The file is open to access
 Three Normal Horizantal Lines  Menu – hamburger Menu
 Mic  Mic To record the voice
 Three Dots  Navbar Customize and manage the Navbar
 Camera  Pic Picture
 Black Board Pin  Pin filled To mark it as important
 White Board Pin  Pin hollow Click to Pin
 Paper and a magnifying lens  Preview preview the file
 Printer  Print To print the file
 Photograph  Profile Pic Upload your picture to be displayed to others
 Slashed line on a glasses  Read – unread Unread
 Spectacles  Read Read
 Tick, dot, tick connected with a dot  Release conditions If Condition A is Satisfied then Condition B is displayed
 Up-Arrow Down-Arrow  Reorder

Re-arrange in Ascending/ Descending order of


 Left Arrown on a message box  Replied – email View the previous E-mails
 Two bended left arrows  Reply – email To reply to others E-mails
 4 cross 4 matrix box  Rubric The blue print of the grading and points
 Floppy disk  Save Save the file
 Magnifying lens  Search To search for a file
 Paper rocket  Send – email Send an E-mail to other users
 Drawing board on a stand  Overview Course description
 2 cross 2 matrix  Tile – view Grid view with an additional information
 Clock  Time Time



- What is Daylight/Daylight Experience? Are we still using CougarVIEW? Aren't we using D2L? What is Brightspace?

D2L (Desire2Learn) is the learning management system chosen by the USG. As a member institution of the USG, Columbus State University uses D2L to house and facilitate online and face-to-face courses. Each USG member institution has a different name for the learning management system. At CSU, we call D2L CougarVIEW. In 2014, D2L changed its name to D2L/Brightspace as they added additional capabilities to the platform. In 2017, D2L/Brightspace redesigned the look of the platform with new fonts, layouts, and a modern and clean look. The new look is called Daylight Experience. CougarVIEW will roll out the Daylight Experience in Summer 2018.

- What is responsive layout?

One of the new features of the Daylight Experience is the look and layout of the My Home page, Course Home page, and other pages in CougarVIEW. These are now built with a responsive design, meaning they automatically adapt to different screen sizes. This is important as students and faculty view their courses on different devices, such as computers, tablets, and smartphones.

- I've been asked if I want to use the old quizzing system or the new, what should I select?

Along with the new Daylight Experience in CougarVIEW, a new quizzing system was added. However, the old quizzing system still exists. D2L/Brightspace is collecting data to ascertain who prefers the old system and why. This message will be active for about a year. COOL suggests that you choose the new quizzing system. Click Here to access the COOL Quizzing User Guide.

- Why am I having trouble logging on to CougarVIEW?

If you have a CSU email address, you should access CougarVIEW through and selecting CougarVIEW from the menu on the left. If you log out of CougarVIEW, a default login screen will appear (see image below). Users with CSU email addresses, who attempt to log in through this screen, will get an error message.

Login page of CougarVIEW    

 This logon screen is only for users without a CSU email address. Users without a CSU email address should use (see image above) to gain access to CougarVIEW.

- Will products that are integrated with CougarVIEW work the same way?

Products that are integrated in CougarVIEW such as: Respondus Lockdown Browser, TurnitIn, WaterMark, Hoonuit, VoiceThread, Soft Chalk, Kaltura, and the various publisher packs will not be impacted by the transition to the Daylight Experience; they will continue to work the same as they do currently with no information being lost.

- Will I be able to customize the My Course navigation bar? Can I add or delete tools on/to the My Course Home navigation bar?

The My Home navigation bar and the My Course Home navigation bar are set and locked. They are not customizable.

- Why are my student emails being returned, "user not found?"

Daylight Promo Accessible Version

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