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Galileo Widget Guide

  1. Inside your course, go to 'Course Admin' and select 'Homepages'.

    Go to Course Admin

  2. Here you will see a list of Homepages already created.

    List of Homepages already created

  3. You can add a widget by editing a homepage but you must first make a copy of the homepage. Click the arrow next to the Course Homepage and select 'Copy'.

    First make a copy of the Homepage

  4. A clickable copy of the homepage should be created, go ahead and click on it to start editing the homepage.

    Click the copy of the Homepage to start editing

  5. Scroll down and click on one of the 'Add Widgets' buttons.

    Click on one of the Add widgets button

  6. Select the checkbox for 'GALILEO EDS Search Box ' widget and click Add.

    Select Galileo EDS Search Box

  7. The widget will appear where you specified. Save and Close the homepage.

    Save and Close the homepage

  8. Use the drop down menu to select your active homepage then click "apply".

    Select active homepage and click apply

  9. You should now have the GALILEO widget in your Course Home.

    Galileo Widget now appears in your Course Home