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Add the Curriculum Builder to your course

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  1. Select the course that you wish to add the Curriculum Builder Tool too.

  2. Click Content

    Click on the Content link

  3. Click on the module that you wish to add the Curriculum Builder too.

    Click on the module

  4. Click on the tab that says "Existing Activities".

    Click on Existing Activities tab

  5. Select the tab that says "External Learning Tools".

    Select the External Learning Tools option

  6. Now select the tool that you wish to use (ex. Galileo: Curriculum Builder).

    Select the Galileo: Curriculum Builder tool

  7. Click on the tool. The tool should be successfully added to your module.

    Click on the tool

    Searching and Posting Articles

  8. Click on your module.

    Click on your module

  9. Click the learning tool (ex. Galileo: Curriculum Builder).

    Click the Learning Tool (ex. Galileo: Curriculum Builder)

  10. Perform a search for content. This can be done by using a keyword, an author's name, or by the title of the content.

    Search for content by keyword or author's name or title

  11. Click "Add to Reading List" to add the desired content.

    Click Add to Reading List button

  12. To view articles that you have added to the reading list click on "See Current Reading List."