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Room Reservations

 The rooms at the Center of Online learning are available for reservation.  Please note that the rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis. We will check our room availability for your reservation and send you a confirmation within one business day. If you need to make a reservation less than 24 hours before your event, please call us at 706-507-8699.

The following rooms are available:

  • Training lab – includes 17 workstations and instructor station; equipped with web conferencing equipment, SMART board, ELMO document camera, DVD player, and Polycom conference phone.
  • Small Group Rooms – equipped with web conferencing equipment.
  • Conference/Seminar Room – equipped with web conferencing equipment, Polycom conference phone, 2 SMART boards hooked up to computers, and 2 electronic whiteboards. All furniture is movable, so can be used for different room set-ups as needed.
  • Recording Room – equipped with stand up microphone, media editing software, headset, web cam, and whiteboard.