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Viewing Blackboard Collaborate LTI Recording Archives

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Because Blackboard Collaborate depends on Java, you're highly encouraged to run the system check on your computer before running Blackboard Collaborates.

Please click on this link or copy the URL below and paste it to your web browser:
• Google Chrome Web Browser was use in this Blackboard Collaborate Demo

1.  Log on to CougarView and click "Content" on the blue NavBar, Click on module where Blackboard Collaborate is located and Double-Click

step 1

2.  Select "Recording" Tab (Optional, you can convert to MP3 or MP4) Otherwise click "Play" to access normal Blackboard Collaborate recordings

step 2

3.  Select format of the recording you want to watch (Blackboard, MP4 or MP3)

step 3

4. MP4 or MP3 will appear as below

step 4

5. (If you Click Blackboard Collaborate Format) Depending on your computer, your browser, and Java installed, you may see the instructions below: Accept Java pop-up

step 5

6. Click to accept Java player as shown below

step 6

7. Click on "Run" to run Blackboard Collaborate application

step 7

8.  Opening archives recording successful as shown below

step 8

• Look for other Blackboard Collaborate instructions guides on the Center of Online Learning instructor resource website.

• For more assistance, please reach out to us through email at or call us at (706) 507-8699